Animal Control

Dan Moyer is our Dog Control Officer, (315) 528-7988 or (315) 771-8103.

In our rural community, Dan's job is to address problems and issues, find owners of lost dogs, and issue warnings. This year we received several complaints of dogs running at large. There is a leash law in the Town of Fowler, so it is very important that you keep your dogs on your own property.  Also, any dog 4 months of age or older must have a rabies shot and be licensed in the town where they live.

In 2019, Dan Moyer, Dog Control Officer, picked up 8 dogs that were roaming freely in the Town of Fowler.  Of the 8 dogs 4 were claimed by their owners, 3 were adopted by Gracious Friends Sanctuary animal rescue, and 1 was adopted by an individual. Mr. Moyer would like to remind the residents of Fowler there are laws in the Town of Fowler governing your dogs.  If you see a dog on your property or wandering freely call the dog warden at (315) 528-7988 or (315) 771-8103.  DO NOT try to handle the dog on your own, no one knows if the dog has had a rabies shot.

Watch for our free rabies clinic in August 2020.

If you have any questions contact Dan Moyer at (315)528-7988 or (315)771-8103 or the Town Clerk at (315) 287-0045.

Dan would like to remind all dog owners there are laws in the Town of Fowler governing your dogs. Do not let your pets run free - for their safety as well as for human safety. Mr. Moyer can be reached at (315) 528-7988 or (315) 771-8103.

We are actively serving the needs of our furry residents by offering free rabies clinics in August. Watch this website for information about  upcoming events.

It is a NYS Law that all dogs 4 months of age must have a rabies shot and be licensed. Please remember that there is a leash law in the Town of Fowler.

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Seeking: Planning Board Member

The Town of Fowler Planning Board is looking for a new board member.


Any Town of Fowler resident that is interested, please send a letter of interest to:

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