Animal Control

Dan Moyer is our Dog Control Officer, (315) 528-7988 or (315) 771-8103.

In 2020, Dan Moyer, Dog Control Officer, picked up 2 dogs for roaming at large, and both animals were returned to their owners after a couple of nights in the kennel. He issued a few summons’ for unlicensed dogs and other than that it has been pretty quiet.  Mr. Moyer would like to remind the residents of Fowler there are laws in the Town of Fowler governing your dogs.  If you see a dog on your property or wandering freely call the dog warden at (315) 528-7988 or (315) 771-8103.  DO NOT try to handle the dog on your own, no one knows if the dog has had a rabies shot. 


Due to COVID-19 our Rabies Clinic was a little bit different this past August, but very successful.  Appointments were required at the clinic, mandated by the Department of Health and we anticipate this will be the new normal. We would like to thank Dr. Putman DVM and his assistant from Roput Veterinary, for administering the rabies vaccines, also Ricky Newvine, Karen Simmons,Tami Gale, Kim Reed, Leo Knight, and Scott Cleveland for volunteering to work at the clinic in August.


Watch for our free rabies clinic in August 2021. 


Remember, all dogs 4 months of age or older must have a rabies shot and be licensed in the Town in which they live.

If you have any questions, contact Dan Moyer at (315)528-7988 or (315)771-8103 or the Town Clerk at (315) 287-0045 extension 101.