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Assessment Review

There are three seats on the Board of Assessment Review. Currently, the Chairman is Donna Brown. Other members are Rich Weaver and Candy Brown. The Board of Assessment Review holds Grievance Day on the fourth Tuesday of May from 4:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. at the Fowler Town Hall.
Residents who disagree with their assessment are urged to meet '\ with the Town Assessors to discuss their assessments PRIOR to presenting their grievance to the Board of Assessment Review. To make arrangements to meet with an assessor at the Town Hall, please call the Assessors at 315-287-0045 Ext 2. 

After meeting with the assessors, residents who still wish to grieve their assessments may do so at the date and time previously outlined. The Board will review grievances and then decide whether to lower the property owner's assessment or leave it the same.


Residents who have filed a grievance are notified of the outcome by U.S. Mail. 


Review Board

Chair:Donna Brown 
Candace Brown

Rich Weaver


Phyllis Shaw
Sherry Geer
Kathy Besaw

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