Ethics Board

The Fowler Board of Ethics Committee consists of five members: Lillith Griffith, Vicky Cappellino, Karen Simmons, Alex Mackinnon and Phyllis Shaw. Each member serves a four -year term.  Alex MacKinnon’s appointment ran out December 31, 2020.  He will be re-appointed at the meeting in January, 2021.  


Lillith Griffith resigned as chairperson at the end of December 2020, so a new chairperson will be appointed at the January 2021 meeting.  Any person may file a concern or complaint in writing to the chairperson who in turn will set up a meeting with the other committee members to address the issue. The committee may request an interview with the party or parties involved to discuss the situation further to reach a decision or solution. After the discussion, the committee notifies the party or parties of their decision in writing.  


There were no complaints in 2020.

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