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Highway Department

The Town of Fowler maintains 56.25 Miles of Town Roads.

In the winter months the town plows 73.75 miles of roads which includes County Route 22 and 24.


The Highway Department phone number is now 315-287-0045 Ext 5. Of course, you can always reach me on my personal cell at 315-222-6797.

We appreciate everyone's patience this past year during our busy 2023 construction season. We have been steadily working on my goal of upgrading the Town roads and equipment.

In 2023, the Town purchased a 2023 Ford F250 pickup truck and is anticipating the arrival of a new 2024 Mack Plow Truck. In 2023, we rebuilt 1.3 miles of Road. In 2024, we have plans to pave Popple Hill Rd, Little York Rd, and Sylvia Lake Rd. As always, the amount of paving will be determined by the cost of materials.

I would like to thank John Walsh, who retired on May 8th, 2023, for his dedicated years of service to the Town of Fowler. I would also like to thank both Larry Allen and Francis Cole, who have both moved on to other job opportunities, for their dedicated years of service to the Town of Fowler, which were greatly appreciated. Brian Koerick was hired in June of 2023 as a new employee of the highway department and will be a great asset to our Town. In December of 2023, the highway department began advertising to hire another employee.


Please check out my Town of Fowler Highway Department Facebook Page to get current road conditions during the larger storms this winter. I will not be doing a daily update this year. Iwouldliketothankeveryoneforyoursupportthisyear. It is your support that makes this team so successful. Best wishes for a happy and safe new year in 2024 from the Town of Fowler Highway Crew: Randy Durham, Nelson Bice, David (Dennis) Travis, Anthony Sequin, Terrell Ferrer, and Brian Koerick.

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