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About the Town of Fowler

Fowler is a town in St. Lawrence County, New York, United States. The Town of Fowler is located on the southwest border of the county and is southwest of Canton and southeast of Gouverneur. It borders the towns of Rossie, Gouverneur, Hermon, Edwards, Pitcairn, and the Jefferson County town of Antwerp.

Fowler was formed from the towns of Rossie and Russell.  The first settlement in the town of Fowler was made by Brigadier General James Haile from Herkimer County.  Haile was given permission in 1807 to purchase one square mile of ground, on which the village of Hailesboro stood, under the condition to build mills within a year.  General Haile came with several men to commence erection of a saw mill and grist mill with stones and the mills were put in operation in 1808.  In 1809 a freshet (a rush of water/flood) swept them away and they were rebuilt in 1809.  A superior mill was built in 1844.


TOTAL AREA: 60.7 sq mi. (157.2 km²)

Land: 59.5 sq. mi. (154.2 km²)   -  Water: 1.2 sq. mi. (3.1 km²)

ELEVATION 594 ft (181 m)

POPULATION: (2010) 2,202

44°17’N 75° 24’ W



  • BALMAT – A hamlet south of Fowler village on County Road 24 and NY-812.

  • FOWLER – The hamlet of Fowler is centrally located in the town and is at the junction of Routes NY-58 and NY-812.

  • EMERYVILLE – A hamlet northeast of Fowler village on County Road 22, on the bank of the Oswegatchie River.

  • FULLERVILLE – A hamlet northeast of Balmat on County Road 24.

  • HAILESBORO – A hamlet in the northwest corner of the town on NY-58. It is named after early landowner Gen. James Haile.

  • KELLOG CORNERS – A location southwest of Balmat on County Road 24 and south of Sylvia Lake.

  • LITTLE YORK – A former community near Fowler village.

  • PIKES CORNER – A hamlet at the west town line on County Road 5.

  • SYLVIA LAKE – A lake west of Balmat, once called "Lake Killarney."

  • WEST FOWLER – A hamlet west of Fowler village on County Road 22.

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