Fowler Planning Board

The Planning Board is made up of five Fowler residents. The members are Chairman Stephen Gale, James Besaw, Dan Kingsley, Roger Refici, and Vicky Cappellino. There are no zoning laws in the Town of Fowler. The Planning Board revised the Land Use Law adopted in 2019 and the Town Board repealed and replaced it with Local Law 2 of 2020, adding mining and water districts to the Land Use Plan.  The Planning Board makes its decisions and submits them to the Town Board according to the Town’s Land Use Law. You may obtain a hard copy of the Land Use Law at the Town Clerk’s Office. Or you may view or print the policy here on our website.

Planning Board meetings are held the last Tuesday of the month as needed or when necessary at 7 PM in the Fowler Town Hall. Meetings are advertised in the local newspaper and on the Town of Fowler website.

Town of Fowler, NY - On the Oswegatchie River

Town of Fowler

Emergency Contacts

Town Clerk 
315-287-0045 / 315-287-1408 / 315-244-1421​ 

Supervisor Newvine 
315-287-4098 / 315-771-2194​ 

Councilperson Simmons 
315-287-4753 / 315-854-5517 

Councilperson Andrews 
315-287-0587 / 315-771-6623 

Councilperson Bishop 

Councilperson Cleveland 

Highway Superintendent 
Randy Durham 315 222-6797


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